Picking up ideas for writing

While people-watching, I pick up no end of ideas for my writing, especially for the ‘Thought for the Day’ articles that I write and record for Radio Nottingham, my local radio station, such as when a gentleman once got on a bus in which I was travelling. Dressed in a smart overcoat, shirt and tie, with a trilby not quite covering his longish silver hair, his form of dress in itself was unusual in this day and age but the most fascinating part of his apparel was the guitar case he was carrying. Could he be an aging pop star going to a gig, I thought, or, more likely from his attire, a member of an orchestra? But why was he on a bus? Had he been disqualified from driving or perhaps he’d never even learnt to drive in the first place? Maybe he was just taking the guitar to be mended or to give someone as a present. We make all sorts of assumptions just from one casual glance at a person, probably most of them wrong. It made me wonder how people perceive me and whether I should be worried. But life’s too short to worry about that sort of thing.  


About angelarigley

Married, with 5 children and 9 grandchildren. Besides writing my books and also the occasional poem or short story, I enjoy reading; singing in my church choir; researching my family tree. especially in the Lake District; flower arranging; bird watching, especially in the Lake District: my favourite place (sorry, I might have already mentioned that); playing Scrabble; Sudokos
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