Here once more in my favourite place – Low Jock Scar, near Kendal – I always put out seeds and sunflower hearts for the birds. Usually, the chaffinches are the first to come and say hello but they didn’t appear until the second day. The great spotted woodpecker is always last but imagine my surprise when on day one, there he was. Not on the bird table, which is broken, but bobbing up and down on the lawn, pecking for worms, I assume. Today, I sat watching a little shrew running in and out of the stone wall near the back door when, lo and behold, down flew the woodpecker to join him. I grabbed my camera. What a photo that would make! Drat, drat and double drat, the battery was dead. Just my luck.


About angelarigley

Married, with 5 children and 9 grandchildren. Besides writing my books and also the occasional poem or short story, I enjoy reading; singing in my church choir; researching my family tree. especially in the Lake District; flower arranging; bird watching, especially in the Lake District: my favourite place (sorry, I might have already mentioned that); playing Scrabble; Sudokos
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