Each time I go into my back garden I can hear starlings twittering in the huge leylandi tree next door. I often wonder what they are saying to each other. Are they discussing what formation they will be forming next time they all fly off? Or maybe, what went wrong with the last one? They never seem to stop, just twitter and twitter all day long. It’s a lovely sound, and I can listen to it for ages, but sadly, the tree will probably be coming down soon, as the area behind our house is going to be a housing estate. I had better get out there and make the most of them before they go – wherever that will be. I hate to think of them split up and homeless.


About angelarigley

Married, with 5 children and 9 grandchildren. Besides writing my books and also the occasional poem or short story, I enjoy reading; singing in my church choir; researching my family tree. especially in the Lake District; flower arranging; bird watching, especially in the Lake District: my favourite place (sorry, I might have already mentioned that); playing Scrabble; Sudokos
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