Wow and double wow. It was snowing gently this morning so I checked through my kitchen window for thrushes in my back garden, as they only ever seem to come when it snows, for some reason. No thrushes, but in the apple tree I saw three robins. Wow, I thought. I’ve never seen three robins sitting amicably without fighting. There they sat, their colourful red breasts facing the weak winter sun, as if they were sunbathing. Every now and again one would come to the feeders and they would change places, like a ballet. Then, lo and behold, I couldn’t believe my eyes when another one appeared, Oh, dear, I thought. Now, there’ll be trouble. But no. All four of them sat there, at each corner of the tree and then three flew onto the feeding station at once, all onto different seed containers. My camera was in the front room and I knew that as soon as I went to fetch it, they would disappear.I ran for it and when I returned, wow, they were still there. But guess what? The battery was dead!

A blackbird disturbed them eventually, and they flew away. Thrilled that I had seen such a sight, because everyone says robins are territorial and don’t suffer invaders gladly, I  made a cup of tea. When I looked out again, they were back. All four of them. I stood and watched them for several minutes until they departed once more.

I may not have proof that I saw them, but it was certainly a sight to behold and made my day.


About angelarigley

Married, with 5 children and 9 grandchildren. Besides writing my books and also the occasional poem or short story, I enjoy reading; singing in my church choir; researching my family tree. especially in the Lake District; flower arranging; bird watching, especially in the Lake District: my favourite place (sorry, I might have already mentioned that); playing Scrabble; Sudokos
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