Harriet’s problems episode 2

Another snippet from Harriet of Hare Street:

A girl of five or six, with curly ginger hair, came up to her. “Are you the lady what owns that baby me ma’s feeding?”

“If you mean the…” What was the word she needed? Her own father had been one. He’d been found in a basket in a church doorway. A foundling—that was it. “If you mean the foundling, then it isn’t mine, I just happened to…to… Anyway, I was hoping your ma might keep it.”

“No, she says she can’t. She says we can’t afford another mouth to feed.” The girl twiddled with her apron. “She says when are you coming to fetch it?”

Her heart dropped. “Has she finished feeding it?”

“She says…”

“Your ma says a lot of things, doesn’t she?”

The girl nodded.

Another snippet from Harriet of Hare Street:



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Married, with 5 children and 9 grandchildren. Besides writing my books and also the occasional poem or short story, I enjoy reading; singing in my church choir; researching my family tree. especially in the Lake District; flower arranging; bird watching, especially in the Lake District: my favourite place (sorry, I might have already mentioned that); playing Scrabble; Sudokos
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